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RL500   $12,500 USD

RM250 $7,500 USD

RM150 $6,500 USD

RV8 $3,995 USD

RX7 $895 USD (Incl. resins)

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NewGrind is Proud to Present The Rhino RM150

Ideal for small areas, residential, hallways, stair landings & edging with a 14” footprint, 150 pounds – separates quickly into 3 pieces to fit in the trunk of a small car! Your search for the perfect floor grinder ends here…
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Our complete line of tools and chemicals will facilitate the removal of coatings and all types of glues and mastics and then grind, polish, color, densify and seal any concrete floor that is a candidate for polishing. Prepping for coatings and overlays is a dream when using the RHINO along with our superior tools.


When it comes to installing terrazzo the first cut is critical. Using our RHINO this step is accomplished with speed and ease. Exposing strips and doing edging has never been easier or more efficient. Dry grinding and polishing with the type of results that you would normally only find when using a wet cutting process. Refinishing is a breeze with our quick step systems. Old coatings are never a problem and our new sealers leave a completely natural appearance without the usual plastic looking shine left by most every other sealer on the market today.


Our RHINO floor-grinding machine coupled with our superior tooling is simply the best choice for the stone-refinishing contractor! All types of stone from the hardest to the softest can be rapidly refinished and in many cases completely done dry. Lippage is not a concern; smooth rapid cutting is the hallmark of our systems. We have complete cost effective answers for all maintenance situations.


Stall marks, chatter and divots are a thing of the past when you put our RHINO on the floor. Coating removal is rapidly achieved using metal bond tools (a concept pioneered by our President Owen Rogers in 2002). Smooth sanding from edge to edge is easily achieved. Over wood, varying densities and species of wood are no problem for us. Our system allows coating after 3 steps and staining after 4 steps.

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Our products work.  But don’t take our word for it.

I wanted to thank Owen and the NewGrind team for the opportunity of meeting with you and having some “hands on time” with your machine, it was a dream to operate! The articulating handle was a surprise and a bonus, I loved it! The weight system in three spots on the machine will really allow me to “load it up” when polishing granite. All in all – A clear winner, when can you ship? E. K – Canada

Thanks for the after hours service. I am very impressed so far. Service especially! I have never experienced this level of service from ANY other company and the RL500 machine is a beast! Todd Panner - SK, Canada

Since using the Rhino floor grinding machine, our coating removal efficiency has increased exponentially.  We have used a variety of tooling on the machine for a number of applications including concrete grinding.  We are familiar with a wide range of competing equipment and their performance & I can say with confidence the Rhino simply outperforms all the competition with NO compromise on durability. Jonathan Giroux, Operations Manager, Spraybuilt Inc.

You have to understand that grinding and polishing concrete with a planetary grinder is a thing of the past. Of the few multi head machines available, the equipment at NewGrind is by far the best on the market. I have purchased two Rhino RL500s, which I use for anything from heavy removal: mastic, grout and thin set; to fine polishing, 1500, 3000 grit, a mirror like finish. I have recently acquired a RM150 from New Grind, this machine is a 110 volt, 15 amp, single phase grinder;  that’s right it plugs into any household socket! I have used it to remove mastic at 300 sq. ft. per hour……..with a few tricks of the trade. I cannot say enough good things about the products at NewGrind. Tony M, Dallas Watt Demo - Vancouver BC

Hey Owen, I wanted to say how much we appreciated working with you on the Terrazzo project. Your new machine was amazing. It chewed through that carpet glue and prepped the floor so fast I couldn’t believe it. It was a lot faster than my planetary. It saved me so much time; I can see that I need my very own RHINO. Rick, Owner Blackstone Marble

We have the complete line of Rhino equipment from NewGrind including the new RhinoVac RV8.  This truly is the most innovative vacuum I’ve ever used.  The variable speed control makes it adaptable to all flooring situations and having the pass through power supply for our equipment is brilliant …power supply on job sites is always a challenge and this makes life much easier. J.L., In2crete LLC. IL, USA

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