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Reasons you should ride a Rhino

Edging in style 

The Rhino’s unique shape gets you up off your hands and knees with its ability to grind up to 1/16” from the edge allowing you to complete 95% of your edging with a walk behind, let the RX7 finish the rest. Now your edges look the same as the field!

Quick belt change

The Rhino is truly built with durability in mind – All machines are equipped with heavy duty extra wide drive belts for a low maintenance durable belt life. On the off chance you do break a belt, we’ve got you covered with our Quick Belt Change Technology. Allowing you to change your belt in less then 5 minutes on your jobsite, which is simply not possible with any other grinding machine! Saving you time and money…..

Rhino Biased Weight Kit 

The Rhino’s biased weight kit allows our machines to be loaded with weights to increase point pressure for very hard floors and to rapidly expose aggregate. Our unique patented biased weight system uses standard Olympic weight plates, allowing placement on either side of the machine to increase pressure when grinding edges with slab curl and high and low spots. Weights can also be placed on the handle to alleviate pressure & weight from the machine, enabling The Rhino to be easily and effectively used for burnishing!

Assembled in Canada using high quality USA components

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