Hypergloss Denseal 100+

One step hardener and pore filler

Dries quickly and utilizes ground cement to create a completely smooth and color matched surface.

  • Unique formulation fills out surface¬†pores/pits and small cracks and rapidly increases the removal of tool marks.
  • Leaves the concrete surface smooth, tight and sealed by 400 grit resin pass. Reducing number of passes required

$98 US /gallon


Proprietary Silicate Blend


Hypergloss Top Coat

Protect Polished concrete

New, advanced chemical technology, to protect polished concrete from chemical stains, superior gloss and resistance to abrasion from heavy traffic conditions.

  • Improved surface wear performance.
  • Exceptional gloss with unmatched stain resistance.
  • Outstanding slip resistance for polished surfaces including concrete, stone and granite.

$137 US /gallon


Polyurethane Polymer

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