Our Partners


IN2Crete is an Illinois based company specializing in the development, sourcing, and marketing of innovative concrete enhancement products, for  the concrete resurfacing and decorative concrete industry.

NewGrind Inc. has chosen to work with In2crete because not only have they continuously proven themselves to be the leaders in the field of decorative concrete but they also share our Client first approach to the business. It is because of their client focus that they use only environmentally friendly products with outstanding results.  For this reason we have chosen In2Crete to be a licensed distributor of The RHINO line of equipment, in addition to this they also provide demos, seminars and technical support of our products.

To find out more about In2Crete please visit their website: www.in2Crete.com 

ElastoCrete LLC.

NewGrind Inc.  is the official ElastoCrete distributor for British Columbia.  We have partnered with ElastoCrete to provide professional contractors a Complete system, this incredible product can be used for flooring, countertops, shower panels, wall panels and decorative items as well as much much more.

For more information check out their website www.elastocrete.com

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