Save the Rhinos



Benefits of The Rhino


The RB90 was designed as a compliment to your existing grinding equipment as an edging machine, it’s compact design is also ideal for small residential spaces such as bathrooms, closets, stair landings and even on countertops!

The RB90 is now available as a variable speed unit and has many of the same features as our larger equipment including its ability to be used on everything from concrete, hardwood, terrazzo and even granites. With an 11” footprint and the option to remove the handle it fits into the trunk of a small car.


Rhino Weight System

The RB90 weighs 90lbs and comes with a complete set of six custom 20LBS weight plates, allowing you to add up to an additional 120lbs for a total weight of 210LBS. The versatility to add or remove weight makes everything from rained out slabs to hard epoxy removal possible.

RB90 Stats

4" Heads


90LBS + ability to add additional 120LBS

300-1200 RPM


Grinds as close as 1/8” to the wall

Assembled in Canada using high quality USA components