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Benefits of The Rhino

The award winning Rhino RL500 was specifically designed to be compact while having the power & performance to keep up with bigger machines on the market today. The RL500’s exclusive sleek design, multi articulating handle and biased weight kit makes it easy to transport and to use in tight spaces.

With each pass the RL500’s counter rotating heads double cut & cross cut, cutting your job time in half and eliminating track marks common to other grinders. The Rhino is truly 100% trackless!

The Rhino’s unique shape gets you less then 1/8” from the edge allowing you to complete between 90-95% of your edging, substantially minimizing the amount of time spent on your hands and knees.

We know that when you are on a job you don’t want to be locked into proprietary tooling, so we have given you options; The RL500 although most effective when used with our Rhino style tooling, can be used with any standard trapezoid tool or cup wheel plates from any manufacturer.

Rhino Weight System


The weight system allows the RL500 (500LBS) to be loaded with up to an additional 315 LBS to increase point pressure for very hard floors and to rapidly expose aggregate. When fully loaded at 815LBS the RL500 outperforms all grinders in that weight class, when not weighted the Rhino is easy to maneuver and transport.

Our unique patented biased weight system uses standard Olympic weight plates, allowing placement on either side of the machine to increase pressure when grinding edges with slab curl and high and low spots.

Weights can also be placed on the handle to alleviate pressure & weight from the machine, enabling the Rhino RL500 to be easily and effectively used for soft concrete, rained out slabs and even burnishing.

The Rhino RL500 Is:

Six 7” heads double cut & cross cut on every pass in either forward or reverse.  This makes for a 100% trackless, smooth uniform finish
Its powerful 10HP motor with variable speed control is geared down for maximum torque, using single or three-phase power
Heavy-duty extra wide 50mm drive belts for a nearly indestructible, service free drive train
Quick Belt Change Technology making the Rhino belt change the fastest in the industry (5 min’s or less!)
Virtually Dust Free when paired with our RhinoVac RV8
Biased Weight Kit allows you to add up to eight 45LB weights for a total weight of 860LBS
Grind within 2 mm (that’s less than an 1/8th of an inch) of a wall.  Gets into the tightest spaces with our multi articulating handle
The RHINO RL500 can be used on ALL floors & in ALL grinding and polishing situations
Okay, maybe not Sexy but cutting your job time in HALF is kind of sexy!

RL500 Stats


7" Heads





350-1770 RPM


500LBS + ability to add additional 315LBS

Grinds as close as 1/8” to the wall