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Benefits Of The Rhino

The RM250 is best suited to contractors wanting the convenience of a smaller unit but not wanting to compromise on power. The additional horsepower and voltage allows you to stack more weight on the machine, giving you the higher point pressure necessary for aggressively and rapidly removing coatings, glues and mastics.

This multi purpose unit is powerful enough to be used as your primary grinder & polisher, alternatively the RM250 is a great addition as an edging unit for contractors with an existing line of equipment.  Now your edges look the same as the field, as with all our grinders the RM250 allows you to complete up to 95% of your edging.

This 100% trackless machine was designed with six counter rotating heads which double cut & cross cut with each pass. Ultimately cutting the number of passes in half when compared to planetary grinders.


Rhino Weight System

The RM250’s (250LBS) biased weight kit gives you the option to add additional 245LBS for a total weight of 495LBS.  Our unique patented biased weight system uses standard Olympic weight plates, allowing placement on either side of the machine to increase pressure when grinding edges with slab curl and high and low spots.  Weights can also be placed on the handle to alleviate pressure from the machine, making the RM250 very effective on soft concrete and rained out slabs.

For its weight and size this machine is a beast when it comes to removal, prep & polishing. The versatility of this machine is what our customers love most!

The Rhino RM250 Is:


Biased Weight Kit allows you to add up to seven 35LBS weights for a total weight of 495LBS


3 HP, 220V Baldor motor geared down for maximum torque


Heavy-duty double 30mm drive belts for a nearly indestructible, service free drive train


Quick Belt Change Technology making the Rhino belt change the fastest in the industry (5 mins or less!)


Virtually Dust Free when paired with our RhinoVac RV8


The RHINO RM250 can be used on ALL floors & in ALL grinding and polishing situations


It can grind right up to the wall, making the RM250 a perfect machine for edging, plus it’s sleek compact design & multi articulating handle allows you to get into the tightest spaces

RM250 Stats


5" Heads





200-1200 RPM


250LBS + ability to add additional 245LBS

Grinds as close as 1/8” to the wall

Assembled in Canada using high quality USA components