RhinoVac SV8
Cyclone Pre-Separator

The RhinoVac SV8 cyclone pre-separator increases the efficiency of ANY vacuum its paired with.

The SV8 works by filtering up to 95% of the dust directly into the 8 Gallon bucket, bypassing your vacuum’s filter and extending
its life.

The SV8 makes it possible to use any vacuum, even one without a filter cleaning option for dust collection, with
your grinding machine.

Now you can even use a Shop-Vac with your grinder!

The SV8 cyclone pre-separator cart is built using lightweight powder coated aluminum, making it light and easy to move around on job sites.

More about the SV8


  • Lexan Cyclone pre-separator
  • 8 gallon bucket
  • Lightweight powder coated aluminum
  • Bypasses your vacuum’s filter
  • Hooks up to any vacuum
  • Heavy-duty wheels for easy movement

   SV8 Cyclone Separator Quick Stats

Gallons Capacity


Separator Efficiency

Assembled in Canada using high quality USA components

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