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RhinoVac RV8
Variable Speed Construction Vacuum

The RhinoVac RV8 is super compact and sleek in design, yet it’s heavy duty all aluminum welded diamond plate construction is built with durability in mind.

The RV8 uses specialty urethane wheels meaning you don’t need to worry about punctures, while allowing you easy access over cords, thresholds and rough terrain.

This unique vacuum comes with a built in cyclone pre separator which filters 90-95% of your dust directly into the Lexan barrel – completely bypassing your HEPA filter and thus extending its life, also reducing how often you need to clean your filter.

The RhinoVac RV8 also features the fastest filter removal & replacement in the industry.

Although, this is not something you will likely encounter as our HEPA filters are rated for two years of regular use at 99.97% efficiency.

The RhinoVac RV8 is the only variable speed construction vacuum on the market, allowing you to control CFM and empty your vacuum without turning it off.

The RV8 also features a vibrating motor which shakes loose built up dust in your HEPA filter.

More about the RV8


  • Extra-large .3 micron quick release HEPA filter
  • 8 gallon Lexan barrel
  • Built-in pre-separator
  • Variable speed control
  • 2.5″vacuum port
  • 110V GFI outlet


  • 220V Dual Phase
  • 220V pass-through outlet
  • 110V GFI outlet

Download the RV8 User Manual


   RV8 Vacuum Quick Stats



Volts - Dual phase

Volts - Single phase

Watch a  video highlighting the features of the RV8

Assembled in Canada using high quality USA components