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We at NewGrind Inc. have over 25 years experience working with concrete & natural stone surfaces.  We focus on concrete surface preparation, levelling, hole & crack repair & polishing.

Exclusively utilizing NewGrind’s award winning equipment and technology , we are able to consistently deliver superior results in substantially less time at a lower cost then our competitors!  Using our cutting edge technology we are able to do even the most aggressive, heavy removal with zero airborne dust.

Since using the Rhino floor grinding machine, our coating removal efficiency has increased exponentially.  We have used a variety of tooling on the machine for a number of applications including concrete grinding.  We are familiar with a wide range of competing equipment and their performance & I can say with confidence the Rhino simply outperforms all the competition with NO compromise on durability.

– Jonathan Giroux Operations Manager Spraybuilt Inc.


Concrete floor flattening and leveling
Polished concrete
Dyed & stained concrete floors
Concrete cleaning, densifying and sealing
Lippage removal
Profiling instead of shot blasting
Spalled, rained out, frost damage or chemically deteriorated concrete repair

Natural Stone

Lippage removal
Grinding, honing & polishing
Cleaning and sealing


Grinding & Polishing
Cleaning and sealing

We pride ourselves in doing top quality work in a timely fashion.  This coupled with our using only the best quality products on our floors has helped us to achieve a reputation for consistently giving our customers superior results.

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