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Rhino RL500



Rhino RL500 Grinder
The award winning Rhino RL500 concrete grinding machine was specifically designed to be compact while having the power & performance to keep up with bigger machines on the market today.

It’s exclusive sleek design, multi articulating handle and biased weight kit makes it easy to transport and to grind concrete in tight spaces.

With each pass the RL500’s counter rotating heads double cut & cross cut, cutting your job time in half and eliminating track marks common to other concrete grinders. The Rhino is truly 100% trackless!

This concrete grinding machine’s unique shape gets you less then 1/8” from the edge allowing you to complete between 90-95% of your edging, substantially minimizing the amount of time spent on your hands and knees.

We know that when you are on a job you don’t want to be locked into proprietary tooling, so we have given you options; the RL500 although most effective when used with our Rhino style tooling, can be used with any standard trapezoid grinding tool or cup wheel plates from any manufacturer.


Power 40 AMP/1 Phase
Alternate Power 30 AMP/3 Phase
Maximum watts draw 8000
HP 10
Weight(LBS) 500
Biased Weight Kit(LBS) 360
Combined Weight(Lbs) 860
Disc Speed (RPM) 350-1400
Dual Vacuum Manifolds Yes
Counter Rotating Heads Yes
Number of Grinding heads 6
Grinding disc size (inches) 7
Grinding Footprint (inches) 20
Quick change tooling Yes
Quick belt changing system Yes
Wet or Dry Grinding Yes
UHMW floating Dust Skirt Yes
Multi Articulating Handle Yes
Runs in Forward or Reverse Yes
Grinds to with 1/8 of the edge Yes
Variable Speed Yes

Production Rates

  • Extremely Heavy Removal: 500-850 sq./ft per hour.
  • Heavy Removal 600-1050 sq./ft per hour.
  • Light Removal 900-1300 sq./ft per hour.
  • Grinding & Profiling 800-1450 sq./ft per hour.
  • Polishing 1200-1800 sq./ft per hour