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Rhino RS150

$7,495.00 USD

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RS150 Grinding Machine
Weighing in at 150LBS with a 14” footprint, the RS150 has all the same features as the award winning RL500.

It is geared towards contractors specializing in smaller grinding and polishing projects, such as residential homes, basements and high-rise developments.

The RS150 is ideal if access to 220V power is an issue- unlike any other 110V machine on the market it packs a mean punch!

Geared down for maximum torque, this machine will outperform any 110V grinder on the market.

It can also be easily transported as it separates into 3 pieces that fit comfortably in the trunk of a small car.

This 100% trackless machine was designed with six counter rotating heads which double cut & cross cut with each pass – which ultimately cuts the number of passes in half when compared to planetary grinders.

This multi purpose unit is versatile enough to be used as your primary grinder and polisher or solely as an edger.


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