Using standard metal bonds or vacuum brazed and sand paper.

CONDITION: Existing Hardwood floor showing wear in the form of dull areas, scratches, scuff marks etc.
GOAL: Remove old sealer and grind/sand out any damage to the surface then reseal.


 Step 1: To remove old coatings, overwood ect. Use 30/40 grit Sharktooth metal bond diamonds without weights at 600-800RPM

Note: The machine should be kept in constant motion to avoid burn marks.  Cross-hatch the floor until 80-90% removal is achieved. If refinishing engineered hardwood, start with 16/18 grit vacuum brazed diamonds.

Step 2: Install 40 grit sandpaper onto Velcro plates using ¼” foam adapter and attach to machine. Proceed to sand at low RPM without weights. Depending on type of wood and desired cutting depth, RPM and weight may be increased if necessary.

Note: operator experience and rate of forward motion will affect the use of speed and weight. It is better to start at a slower speed without weights until you gain more experience and then increase until you find the optimal combination for the type of hardwood and the conditions you are working on)

 Step 3: Install 80 grit sandpaper onto the machine following the same guidelines as before.

Step 4: Clean floor thoroughly, apply sealer and allow to dry.

Note: If using water-based sealer, screen lightly to remove grain raise.

Step 5: Apply first coat of finish and allow to dry.

Step 6: Screen lightly using 120 grit screens at low RPM with no weight.  Vacuum floor thoroughly and tack to remove and residual dust from screening process.

Step 7: Apply final coat and allow to cure.


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