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Grinding and Polishing Terrazzo

There are many different types of Terrazzo found in existing and new installations. 

These types include: cement based, epoxy, poly Aspartic, cement modified with additives, self-leveling etc. 

There are a large variety of aggregates used that range from soft to very hard, such as certain softer types of marble and very hard quartz.  

All of these can be refinished in existing installations or ground and polished in new installations using variations of our Terrazzo Grinding and Polishing System.

New Installations

We recommend pre-grinding the concrete slab prior to installing new Terrazzo.

This will facilitate a flatter floor using less material, easier attachment and placement of metal dividing strips, less high and lows, a more consistent aggregate exposure and a better mechanical bond.

Concrete Preparation

Grind Concrete using the following options:

  • Very hard concrete > use HyperGrind Segments
  • Very uneven concrete >use  HyperCut
  • Normal Concrete >use  16/18 Titanium Metal Bonds
  1. Clean Floor thoroughly
  2. Install strips and prime
  3. Install Terrazzo

Grinding and Polishing Terrazzo – Step by Step

Step 1

Grind using the following options:

  • Very hard aggregates such as Quartz and Granite and/or very hard base mix > HyperGrind Segments
  • Normal aggregates such as marbles in medium hard base mix use 16/18 Titaniums  or 30/40 Titaniums depending on size of aggregate, depth of material, level of exposure and unevenness of floor.
  • Grind until metal strips are almost fully exposed if using 16/18 and fully exposed if using 30/40 and floor is profiled – Cross Hatching

*If starting with 16/18 then continue to 30/40 before going to Step 2 – this may be done wet or dry.

Step 2

Go to the 100 Grit Shark Pad. 
If grinding very hard aggregate then do this step wet.  2-4 passes should remove all tool marks and scratch pattern from previous tools

Step 3

Apply grout and allow to cure. 
Remove excess using 100 Grit HyperShine pads or WaterGloss pads (use WaterGloss if very hard aggregate)
Note:  all tool marks must be removed at this step, this can be facilitated by a light spray of water in the affected area and clean floor thoroughly.

Step 4

Continue with 200 Grit HyperShine or WaterGloss pads.  Do 1-2 complete passes

  • clean floor by vacuuming, etc.

Step 5

Continue with 400 Grit HyperShine or WaterGloss Pads going 1-2 compete passes. 
If polishing wet clean floor thoroughly using wet vac and damp mopping or auto-scrubbing and allow to dry.

For high shine with no topcoat sealer, continue polishing steps 800, 1500 and 3000 Grit and finish using 3000 Grit Mamba dry or in the case of Marble aggregate wet polish using HyperShine Pads or polishing powder/cream and polishing pads.

Now your floor is complete.