Using standard metal bonds and resin pads.
CONDITION: Existing Terrazzo floor showing wear in the form of dull areas, scratches, scuff marks etc.
GOAL: Remove old sealer and grind/hone/polish out any damage to the surface then reseal and burnish.
Very hard aggregates like quartz and granite will require metal bonds to remove bad scratches. Softer aggregates like marble, glass, composites etc. can be processed using resin pads. Light surface wear can be removed using a higher grit resin. To test start with the highest grit first to see if it will remove the wear. For example start with 400 grit wet first and check the result and then move down in grits if needed.

For deep scratches on hard aggregate start with 100 grit soft bond buttons. On softer aggregates start with 30 grit resin pads.This can be done wet or dry depending on the floor.

  • Always do a test to determine which method will work best.
  • Crosshatch for uniform profile.
  • To clean, vacuum and/or auto scrub using a neutral cleaner.

STEP 2: From 100grit metal bond or 30 grit resin go to 50 grit resin.

  • Note: it will be faster to cut wet particularly if the Terrazzo is very hard.
  • Crosshatch to remove tool marks from previous step.
  • Clean floor.

STEP 3: Process floor using 100 grit resin pads.

  • Crosshatch if needed to remove all tool marks.
  • Clean floor and apply densifier if desired (cement based floor) Allow to dry/cure before proceeding.

STEP 4: Process floor using 200 grit resin.

  • Clean floor thoroughly.

STEP 5: Polish floor using 400 grit resin pads.

  • Clean thoroughly.
  • Dry burnish using hogs hair pads for best results.
  • Tack floor to remove any dust from burnishing and apply 2 coats (allow to dry between coats) of Hypergloss Topcoat. (water based acrylic fortified with urethane)
  • Burnish floor and its ready to return to service.
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