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HYPERGLOSS Grinding & Polishing System


The HYPERGLOSS Grinding & Polishing System is a proprietary system using only the highest quality tools and Chemicals. Due to high quality technological combinations, results can be achieved in 3 to 5 steps that are simply not attainable using standard systems.

Our system allows the user to achieve 3 basic finishes at any depth of surface removal. This is controlled by the starting tool and grit, then stopping at the desired grit to achieve either no gloss as in the matte finish or higher shine like semi-gloss or gloss. The chemical treatments are an exclusive Nano Technology blend that hardens the concrete, closes the pores and stops dusting and surface decay. The sealer also minimizes the intrusion of staining agents into the concrete.

The 3 levels of finish are:

1) Matte finish (stop at Step 1 Spider Pad)

2) Semi-Gloss (stop at Step 3 Spider Pad)

3) Gloss. (Stop at 800 grit Mamba Pad)

Grinding Depth

Grinding depth is controlled by the choice of the first tool. A depth of 1 mm to 4 mm or more is easily

achievable. The tools are a special proprietary titanium bond multi-purpose tool that allows the user

the freedom to use the same bond on all degrees of surface hardness and aggregate hardness

without the worry of excessive wear or glazing. Below are the tool names and approximate depth

level for initial grinding.

1) PCD Halfmoon – is a combination patented PCD and Titanium Metal Bond tool for extremely fast aggressive cutting with a very uniform profile. It will not damage the surface or fracture the aggregate like standard PCD tools. This tool is used for the first cut for extra heavy removal to remove up to 4 mm or more of the surface.

2) 16/18grit Titanium Metal Bond is a unique bond using only natural diamonds for heavy

removal of up to 2 — 3 mm of the surface.

3) 30/40 grit Titanium Metal Bond segments are for medium surface removal from 1 –2 mm of the surface

4) 60/80 grit Titanium Metal Bond segments are for light surface removal of 0.5 — 1 mm

Transition Tools

Shark 100 Grit Pad – Transition tools are used to remove the scratch pattern left by the metal bond segments. Resin and metal bond combination segments allow for smooth cutting and a fine finish for subsequent grits. When properly used there are no issues with tool marks or heavy scratches showing through the polished surface.

Chemical hardening and Pore Filling

The first chemical treatment HYPERGLOSS PORE FILLER hardens the surface and densifies the concrete reducing the pore size and stopping the dusting. This treatment also enhances the color of the concrete. For interior we have a line of patented Nano Technology surface sealers. This system is a two part process which uses our Proguard Primer and our Proguard Coat n’ Seal. They are very thin mil coatings that exhibit a natural look unique to only our system. They do not have the plastic coated look of most other acrylic surface sealers. They provide a high gloss with a very simple maintenance process and long life.

The Second chemical treatment HYPERGLOSS PRIMER is applied thinly by spraying and spreading with a micro fiber applicator. It is absorbed into the concrete, enhancing the color. The Primer coat also acts as a bonding agent for the


HYPERGLOSS Top Coat is applied thinly using a micro fiber applicator and allowed to dry, re-apply 2-3 times keeping the coatings thin. Once completely dry, 45 mins or so depending on temperature and humidity. Then burnish using the HYPERGLOSS pad to a very high, reflective finish with excellent DOI (Distinction of image).

Our Top Coat is absolutely non-film forming – this product does not leave a surface membrane as with acrylic based sacrificial floor finish compounds. It is not a wax. It is a VERY effective anti slipping agent under DRY & WET conditions. It can be maintained very easily with our DAILY CLEANSER & FLOOR CONDITIONER additive, using auto scrubbing equipment fitted with our HYPERGLOSS Maintenance pads. The Daily Cleanser is used daily and the Floor Conditioner is used weekly and blended with standard clean water when cleaning the floor during regular maintenance. The maintenance staff using micro fiber applicators can easily do periodic re-application of the HYPERGLOSS TOP COAT Finish. There are no stripping requirements, as there is not film forming residual sealer to strip off.

The longevity of the HYPERGLOSS system has been proven under harsh environments, and should be re-applied according to foot/wear patterns load.

**As an example of sustainability, a study was done at an AUDI manufacturing plant in Germany. Working continuously 24/7 in a production area of the plant, the HYPERGLOSS TOP COAT was maintained during daily routine cleaning by adding the HYPERGLOSS Daily Cleanser to the water tank of the auto scrubber. Then, once to two times a week, the HYPERGLOSS Floor Conditioner was added to the water of the auto-scrubber units (due to the constant and continuous traffic and manufacturing stress). It took 18 months of continuous use before the re-application of the HYPERGLOSS Finish was required. Up to 6 thin coats were then applied and spread using a micro fiber applicator.

Our Conclusion

To achieve professional results the contractor must use a complete system designed to work

harmoniously together. This requires workers who have been properly instructed in the use of the

system and who have demonstrated the required skill level needed. We are available to provide

training if necessary as well as on site inspection to assure that the correct procedures are being

utilized to achieve the desired results. NewGrind’s commitment to simple excellence in machine, tool

and chemical quality will give you the peace of mind needed to complete your projects to perfection

in a timely fashion.

Step by Step Guide 

Grinding & Polishing

1. 30/40 Grit Metal Bond

Grind floor to evenly profile and expose aggregate to you desired level

2. 60/80 Grit Metal Bond

Grind evenly to remove old surface and provide a fresh clean floor. Vacuum thoroughly to remove dust from pores.

3. Mix Pore Filler 1 to 4 in a pump up sprayer – Spray 3-6sq/ft section until evenly wet. Immediately wet grind using the 100 Grit Shark Pad at 450RPM in a cross hatch pattern (North South – East West) with about ó the machine width overlap, to create an even paste. Allow to dry (30-45 min) Clean machine and pads with water.

4. Remove dry slurry using Step 1 Spider Pad at 600RPM in a cross hatch pattern.

5. Continue on with a Step 2 Spider pad at 600 RPM in a cross hatch pattern.

6. Polish with Step 3 Spider Pad at 600 RPM in a cross hatch pattern.

7. Continue Polishing with Step 3 Spider pad at 600 RPM

8. Clean using the Mamba pad 1500 Grit at 600 RPM

9. Mix HyperGloss Primer 1 to 4 in a pump up sprayer. Spray a thin even coat while spreading with a microfiber pad. Allow 15-20 min to dry.

10. Mix HyperGloss Top Coat 1 to 4 in a pump up sprayer. Spray a thin even coat and spread smoothly with a microfiber pad. Allow 15- 20 Min to dry and repeat for a second coat.


If you would like specific information on our tooling system for prep and removal please speak with one of our trained technical support sales team members 1-888-467-0242 or email