8 Reasons to Buy a Rhino

Biased Weight Kit

Why use a weight kit?

The Rhino line of equipment was designed to be used with our biased weight kit, which allows our machines to be loaded with weights to increase point pressure for very hard floors and to rapidly expose aggregate.

Our unique patented biased weight system uses standard Olympic weight plates, allowing placement on either side of the machine to increase pressure when grinding edges with slab curl and high and low spots.

Weights can also be placed on the handle to alleviate pressure & weight from the machine, enabling the Rhino to be easily and effectively used for soft & rained out slabs.

For best results and to increase production we highly recommend utilizing weights with your Rhino grinder.

Watch a video of our weight kit in action.

Quick Belt Change Technology

How does this feature save you time and money?

Rhino grinding and polishing machines are truly built with durability in mind.

All of our grinding machines are equipped with heavy duty extra wide drive belts for a low maintenance durable belt life.

On the off chance you do break a belt, we’ve got you covered with our Quick Belt Change Technology., which allows you to change your belt in less than 10 minutes on your jobsite.

This quick change function is simply not possible with any other grinding machine!

Saving you time and money!

Watch a video of our quick change in action!

Multi Articulating Handle

Why an articulating handle?

The Rhino’s multi articulating handle was designed with the operator’s comfort in mind.

Adjustable at both the middle and base of the handle, giving the operator flexibility to position the handle for better leverage when loading and unloading, alleviating head pressure when weighted and working in tight spaces.

Six Heads

Why are six heads more effective?

The number, position and direction in which your plates rotate is a key factor for ease of operation, production and scratch pattern.

The Rhino line of equipment was designed with six counter rotating heads to increase point pressure while achieving an even cut.

The counter rotation means the machine is both double cutting and cross cutting with each pass, reducing your job time by about 50% over traditional systems.


 Watch a video explaining how our grinders cross-cut.

Edging In Style

What is the Rhino edging advantage?

The Rhino’s unique shape gets you up off your hands and knees with its ability to grind up to 1/8” from the edge allowing you to complete 95% of your edging with a walk behind, let the RX7 finish the rest.

Now your edges look the same as the field!

Watch a video of edging with our RS150

Double Grommet System

What is the advantage of the double grommet system?


  • Flexible
  • Follows the contours of the floor
  • Minimal aggregate exposure on highs and lows
  • Less depth on scratch pattern
  • Prep for thin mil coatings with minimal to no tool marks telescoping through
  • Ideal for achieving cream and light salt and pepper finish on wavy floors

Triple Pin Technology

Why triple pin?

Triple pin technology is all about uniform articulation, this concept extends to evenly spaced multiples of three (which you will find on our larger equipment).

Other grinders on the market commonly use multiples of two, this causes bridging between tool segments and leads to one segment losing contact with the uneven surface resulting in uneven tool wear and a heavier scratch pattern.

The triple pin system was designed so that each tool would remain in contact with the surface at all times.

Using a three-legged stool as an example, if you were to place it on an uneven surface all three legs would still be in contact with the floor.

Single Grommet System

What are the advantages of a single grommet system?


  • Rigid
  • Grinds flat and cuts down highs
  • More aggregate exposure on highs and less on lows
  • Heavier scratch pattern
  • Recommended for heavy glue and thick/flexible coatings
  • Ideal for achieving full aggregate exposure on all floor
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